The Zone


7/30/2012 7:03 AM

 Thanks to the Middleton Family of Middleton Heat and Air from Bryant. Great family business that's been keeping the air flowing for Arkansas for awhile.

We tried to navigate our way through the Olympic with a list of the top ten Americans of all time. Not a ton of surprises, Michael Phelps toppped the list. He will end up being the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time.  Do you consider him to be the best of all time?  Keep in mind he swims at multiple swim events at each game.

Bob Clausen from KARK stopped by the show to give the schedule for the Olymics for the next couple weeks on Ch. 4.  Bob also gave us a story or two from back in the day.

Thanks again to the entire Middleton family for having us at the store!  No better place to get all your heating and cooling needs


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