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Come on NCAA...and Little Rock

10/8/2009 2:41 PM

Had a great time today at Central Events in Conway.  Your one stop all-you-need-for-a-party place.  They have bouncy houses, party supplies...and a great limo fleet.  Thanks to Karen and Rich for their hospitality.  Two great people with UCA ties stopped in.  Pro golfer Christina Lecuyer (age 27 today) She is looking for sponsors and you can find out more at


and UCA Volleyball Coach Steven McRoberts 

has led his team to a 5-0 start in league play and just lost for the first time after running off 15 straight (a school record). 

The NCAA gets a special Thursday jockstrap for screwing Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant for lying about a relationship with Deion Sanders.  I don't blame the guy.  Who knows what the Nazi Communist A-hole Association will suspend you for.  Best bet is to lie even when you didn't do anything wrong.

Last but not least, Little Rock has banned smoking at golf courses?  Apparently it will not be a law per se according to an article in the Arkansas Times but people are asked not to do it.  Why?  Worried about stunting the growth of trees?  Don't get me wrong, I am no friend to smokers and I really get mad when people park their butts on the ground, but who is this helping? 

Join The Zone Friday at Carmart in Conway or as Pat would say it Cahhmahht



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