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9/12/2012 8:53 PM

We're at the same crossroads as many fans are, trying to make sense of what in the BMFP happened last Saturday.  Our good and gracious buddy from, Jim Harris Came on the program to spit his ole timey wisdom.  See what he came up with.

Some of you  may ask what the economic impact is on an upset win at home?  Less attendance?  Less donations?  Decreased enrollment?  Have no fear, ESPN writer Kristi Dosh gave us a call and assured us, although it sucks to lose, it won't have a lasting impact on the state of the program.  Whew, dodged that bullet.  Thanks, Dosh.

What, you say?  You haven't had enough chatter about this weekend?  Great, because our man on the scene in NWA, Chris Bahn from, broke the whole crazy messed up thing down for us.  Who did he blame?  Check it out. Serious face

Calm down, calm down, that's not all we talked about.  Our Events Coordinator, Victoria Gross, scooted her way up to the studio to announce the return of Big Downtown Thursday's in LR.  Victoria breakes down the 4 week celebration of music, food, drinks, cigars, fun, girls, girls, fun, cigars, drinks and girls.

Now that you know where to be how about catching up on your entertainment fresh outta MTV's Buzzworthy Blog, it's Tamar Anatai.  The bigtime editor.  She dished on Rihanna, Katy Perry and a bunch of other wackos.

That brought us the the end and we had a special guest in Michael Peace and Lisa from Maduro Cigar Bar and Lounge.  Located at 109 Main St. in downtown LR, Maduro is your premium cigar place and something LR has need for a looooong time.  A walk in humidor and 2 large wall humidors with the finest selection of handmade cigars from around the world.  Their opening at 2 pm this Saturday so you can watch the game and puff on a stogie.  They open at 3 pm throughout the week.  They're also a sponsor of Big Downtown Thursdays so you can see them there also.

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