The Zone


9/14/2012 12:03 AM

There's been a lot of emotion this past week and Acri coudn't contain himself.  He started the show off getting a few things off his chest.

We feel ya buddy we feel ya.

Usually my boy leads the way on his rants but today Dan Sileo, former U of Miami player and current sports talk radio host didn't hold back when talking about his Canes loss to Kansas State over the weekend.  It's epic.

Our new friend of the Zone is Edward Aschoff, ESPN SEC blogger.  He talked about the Hogs chance vs Bama, is Mizzou ready for the SEC and if Gameday will have fun in Tennessee this weekend.

Folks if you've ever dreamed up a play on the field and emailing to one of the coaches then this APP OF THE WEEK is for you!!!  Playbook is the APP and get your playcalling on!

Not to be outdone by anyone, my good buddy Jeff from Mooyah stopped by with some ridiculous burgers that I'll never forget.  Stop by if you like to eat, smile and taste the best of the best.  Promo legend guy Matt Couch stopped by as well to break down the Buzz's big week!


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