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10/10/2012 11:27 PM

yes we do some good deeds in The Zone and today was an example.  Kyle Acosta from CASA stopped by the studio to promote a fundraiser this Sunday.  Check out the location and cost for a worthwhile cause.

Then we made it back to disecting this football season.  As per his multi-million dollar contract, Chris Bahn from joined us in the Zone with his thoughts and funny witty comments.  Great guy.

To prove we're not a couple of local yocals we invited Michael Felder, lead college football writer at Bleacher Report to dish on the Hogs, SEC and of course the rise of Notre Dame!

And if that isn't enough for you the highlight of the day was undoubtedly Head Bball Coach at UALR Steve Shields.  The American Legend wowed us with his quick wit and dashing looks.  He sprung about the upcoming season and his knwoledge of pop culture.  A must listen for everyone.

How about a little Average Guy Movie review for got

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