The Zone


12/3/2012 11:11 PM

BCS SUCKS. That's pretty much what we discussed all show today.  Northern Illlinois makes a BCS game and a team like Georgia is left out, who just may be the second best team in the country.  It wouldn't be such a big deal but so much is made of just getting to a BCS game you would think the powers that be would make sure the best are in.  Here's the lineup for bowl games.

We had the privilege of having Karl Benson, Sun Belt Conference Commissioner, in The Zone.  He discussed the big stiff job the Liberty Bowl gave Arkansas State.  He's been petitioning them for awhile about ASU and was as disappointed as anyone.  He also talked the shift in conferences....again.

So ASU heads to the Go Daddy Bowl in Mobile to play Kent State.  Can't be disappointed in any bowl appearance, ask the knuckleheads at LA Tech.  What a big buncha jokes.

We'll be live from The Peabody Hotel in Little Rock to see the 17th annual Broyles Award trophy.  Here's what is looks like

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