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Tyler Wilson on a Hump Day Zone

2/20/2013 1:34 PM

Today in The Zone we covered a lot of ground and spoke for a while to Tyler Wilson about the NFL combine which gets underway today.  His phone dropped out a couple of times, but as you would expect he was good enough to call back.  Twice.  We'll keep you updated on his progress at the combine.


Busy show today but had a great time. Thanks to Christina Lecuyer for sitting in with us today. In this segment she talks golf but was up for any discussion today.

The "Big Taco" Joe Kleine joined us on the phone. Joe talked with us about the UALR Trojans and some pretty funny stories about his days playing with

Charles Barkley who celebrated his 50th birthday today.  Chuck is well known as a funny man.  Joe Kliene needs to be.  He has a standing offer to host his own show or co-host The Zone.  Dude is a TRIP.

Dr. Scott Davis from Baptist Health was on with us. He came on to talk about Heart Month and the importance of heart health for both men and women.  Doc Davis is another guy who could do radio full time if he could afford the pay cut.

Barett Sallee from spoke with us. Barrett is one of our ZONE contributors and we appreciate him making time for us today. 

Coming up on Friday's show we will be broadcasting live from Ideal Feet in Little Rock. KATV's Chris Kane will be with us and we will talk to former NBA player

Craig Ehlo about his days guarding Michael Jordan and many other things.

As always, thank your for listening to THE ZONE from 10 to 1!







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