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A Day with Day...Todd that is

3/6/2013 1:55 PM

Todd Day was on with us today. Todd of course is the leading scorer in Razorback history and and spent 8 seasons in the NBA. Todd spoke with us about the current Hog team, his son's budding career, and what he thinks of Lebron James vs Michael Jordan.  He will in in LR on the 17th and 18th for the AAU Lions Charity Golf Tournament as part of a star studded lineup.  You can find out how about the AAU Lions football program as well as how you can play or get a team in the tournament by clicking on this link.


Also in The Zone, Ray Rogers was in studio. Ray was talking Golden Gloves which is going on this weekend at the NLR Community Center.  The man is sharp as a tack and is as entertaining off the air as he is on. He made it clear in this segment that Boxing and Fighting are NOT the same thing. 

Joining us in the Fureigh Electric Studio was show hi-jacker, the multi-talented Christina Lecuyer. In this segment Christina insists that children growing up now have no idea what a "landline" is.  After much debate...I had to concede that she may be right.  However I am proud to say that my old school kids do know how to dial a landline.  Although the rotary phone may freak them out a skosh.

We got a double dose of RJ Hawk today.  After a stint talking Sun Belt, he returned to take exception to our list of "The WORST Spring Break Locations". This prompted Tommy Smith to run up the stairs and join in for a rebuttal, which is a big deal because this may be the first time "running" and "Tommy Smith" have been used in the same sentence in a long, long time. 


Coming up Thursday, Big Joe Kleine will stop by. You can see in this picture he is trying to imagine my boy Tommy running.

We will also talk to Ricky Williams and Ben Faires with Life Champs, Paul Mammarelli who is the  the Catholic High Wrestling Coach, Matt Couch presented by Mooya's Burgers, fries, and shakes, and Oaklawn Picks from Jeff "Money" Taylor. 

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