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3/12/2013 1:58 PM


We were live from First Security Bank off Markham today. We were qualifying listners for the Green Jacket giveaway. Christina Lecuyer joined us for the show. 

On the show we talked with Coach Sam Weaver. He is in his 2nd season as head coach at Philander Smith College and serves and the Athletic Director.  

Edward Aschoff, blogger for called in. We spoke with Edward about what he is looking for in the spring, his post combine perspective, and Anchorman 2 filming near his home. 

Our friend, Jim Harris was on today. We spoke with Jim about the Hogs and the High School Championships which apparantly lost Jim 20 or so Twitter followers. You can help him get back to 5,000 by following him, @JimHarris360

Yesterday was the first ever Buzz Combine. In this segment, a caller named David has a few questions about the performance of one Zone host. On this show, we tend to live by the moto "better luck next time". 


In our Zone Segment of the Day, we have a new job prospect for Big Baby. Nothing to lose your head over. 

Coming up Wednesday, we are live from Nashville for the SEC Tournament. Evin Demeril will be on to talk about the best HS backcourts ever, Rick Schaeffer will call in, and we will check in with Michael Felder from 

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