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3/25/2013 2:34 PM

  We were back in the Furiegh Electric Studios today and were joined by KATV's Chris Kane. It was a tough start to the show since Iowa State lost to Ohio St. on Sunday.  The morning wasn't made any easier when a caller suggested I end my own life for bringing a "dark energy". I decided not to do that and carried on with the show, because as they say, it must go on. Nothing dark about Chris's energy, he is a bright ray of light! 

In the Zone Segment of the Day,I share my pain with you.  The bottom line is, my alma mater was robbed of a victory on Sunday

and as a fan it has me questioning my love of sports, my job choice and my will to live in general.  Excessive?  Yes.  But that is the way these things go sometimes.  Being a passionate sports fans includes soaring to the  highest of highs and sometimes it has the most ball-sack-kicking, arm-in-the-woodchipper, spirit-murdering, lowest of lows.  That is where I am today.  It all has to do with a 3 by Ohio State's Aaron Craft (not the same spelling as the mac and cheese folks, but I am boycotting anyway) and the charge call he drew, but did not deserve.

I am convinced his red-cheeked loser is THE DEVIL.  Or he is embarrassed that he knows his team cheated its way into the Sweet 16.  If you have some other reasonable explanation for why his cheeks are ALWAYS RED then send em on.

But...enough about me.

All this led to a conversation with callers about their most Heart- breaking, gut-wrenching moments ever.  Some tough memories indeed. 


On the subject of Hearts, we talked about how to help make them healthier. Vickie Wingfield from Arkansas Heart Hospital was on to talk about the Cardiac Classic Bike Ride, part of the Heart Walk April 20th. 

In a quick Razorback Report, we talk about the 3 game sweep against the GameCocks over the weekend.  The Hogs really STOMPED those Cocks indeed.  Good to have something to crow about.

From, Lead College Writer, Doug Brodess, calls in to update us on the NCAA Tournament. 


Coming up Tuesday, Big Joe Kleine is in! (look at that beast!) We will also talk to Jim Harris and Chrissy Chatham from Youth Home will stop in to talk about an important event.

Thanks for listening to THE ZONE from 10 to 1!



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