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3/26/2013 1:57 PM


 Our buddy, Big Joe Kleine stopped by the Fureigh Electric Studio today and joined us in THE ZONE. We never know what Joe is going to say but he never disappoints!

You do know however, when it comes to Basektball he is the guy to talk to for the real info. We talk college hoops and the NCAA Tournament and get his take on Marshall Henderson.  As always, Joe is straightforward with his opinion.  Henderson will be back next year, Rotnei Clarke will not and Joe also talked about the former Arkansas guard's potential at the next level.

We also found out on Tuesday that Marshawn Powell will not be back at Arkansas next season.

Marshawn was a great asset this year and we wish him well at the next level.  According to this article on SB nation, Marshawn has a good chance of being drafted by an NBA team.

Speaking of the NBA, we also spent some time talking NBA with Big Joe including the Miami Heat's winning streak.  I hate to give credit to the Heat's head coach Eric Spoelstra,

but Joe says I have to so I will. I mean how am I gonna argue with a 16-year NBA vet with a gold medal and an NBA Championship ring who is also seven feet tall?  Answer-I'm not.

Jim Harris from called in and we talked some Golf and Razorback Baseball. Jim happens to be a big fan of Tyler Spoon and the Hogs will of course be in NLR at Dickey-Stephens Park to smash Miss. Valley State in a game you can hear on The Buzz!

 We are big fans of Youth Home but Big Baby is an even bigger fan of Puns. Thanks to Chrissy Chatham from Youth Home coming in to promote Eggshibition 2013 we had a Egg-cellent time coming up with some. You can find out more about the event HERE

Coming up Wednesday, THE ZONE is live from Encore health. The Sunday Buzz's Bill Vickery will be guest hosting along with KATV's Alyson Courtney. Thanks for listening to THE ZONE from 10 to 1!


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