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4/3/2013 1:49 PM

 It was a big day in THE ZONE today, not because KATV's Chris Kane was in studio as you may think, but because we were joined by none other than the all time leading NBA scorer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar! We talked to Kareem about everything from the Lakers to his participation in the tv show Splash. He also spoke with us about the Arkansas School for Mathmatics, Sciences, and the Arts. He will be speaking April 25th at the Clinton Presidential Center and you can find more information on the event HERE.

 Making news today is the now former Rutgers Coach Mike Rice who was fired this morning after video surfaced of him verbally and physically abusing his players. In our ZONE SEGMENT OF THE DAY we delve into this story and Chris's take and mine differ a bit in this situation.  They differ because of course my analysis is spot on and Chris has an opinion that needs re-worked.   I kid, I kid.  Not really.

 Also discussing this story with us along with the SEC was's Barrett Sallee.  We also got into it with him about Bret Bielema's comments regarding Nick Saban and Alabama. 

Sometimes ole Bill Vickery shows up in person to give me a hard time and other times he just calls in to offer up a razzing.  This time he called to accuse me of crusading in a war against women.  He made some good points, but at the end of the day we all agree...Britney Griner has as much chance of playing in the NBA as I do of winning the league's dunk contest #slimandnone.



 Also checking in to rebutt an earlier call by Tiger Bait was none other than Ira, who Mr. Bait calls a "Redneck Drunk".   I take offense at that description as I do not believe Ira is a redneck.


Coming up Thursday Joe Kleine will make an effort to stop by. We will get Jeff Taylor's Oaklawn picks, talk with Matt Couch Presented by Mooya's burgers, fries, and shakes, find out about the CARTI Rajin' Cajun bash, and talk to Ms. Sports Biz Kristi Dosh who is pictured above.  She believes in the old saying...type soft and carry a big stick. Thanks for listening to THE ZONE form 10 to 1!

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