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5/21/2013 2:27 PM

  Tuesday in The Zone we were joined in studio again by the most attractive news anchor in Little Rock, both inside and out, Chris "Sugar" Kane. On the show we talked to a brand new Zone guest from The Kansas City Star Adam Teicher. Adam is a Kansas City Chiefs Beat writer and we get the inside scoop on the Chiefs and what he has seen and expects from former Arkansas Razorback RB Knile Davis who was recently drafted to the team. 

Due to the Razorback Baseball team playing early Wednesday in the SEC Tournament against Ole Miss our show is preempted tomorrow. On from Sporting Life Arkansas to talk with us about the Hogs and also some PGA was our good buddy, Jim Harris. Jim also likes to use his time on The Zone to try out some of his new comedy material. 

Calling in from Hoover, Alabama to give us the most up to date information on the SEC Tournament was our roving reporter and co-host of Overtime on The Buzz, Trey Schapp. Despite being born without a sense of humor or the ability to understand sarcasm he manages to make up for most of that by being a wealth of sports knowledge. 

Also on to give his take on the Hogs and the SEC Tournament was Robbie Neiswanger from the Arkansas News Bureau. In Robbie's opinion Arkansas will not be hosting a regional and in the grand scheme of things does not think Arkanas actually cares much about winning the SEC Tournament and are more focused on next weeks regional. You can follow Robbie on Twitter @NWArobbie.

We all know Mother's Day is a day we all pamper our moms and thank them for all they do. It seems sometimes like the dads get left in the dust. In this segment we find out how the youngest member of the Acri family pays respect to his pops with a drawing that is a spitting image of Justin (except for the smile) and a  biography of his Dad that gets right to the point.

In our Zone Segment of the Day we find out about Burger King and their new McRib challanger the BK Rib. This also leads us into the story of a Cleveland McDonalds that is honoring the internet sensation Charles Ramsey who helped resuce three women who had been held captive with the 12 dollar "Ramsey Burger".  

We plan on returning Thursday with an all new Zone and be joined by Christina Lecuyer. We will talk to Joe Kleine and from Bleacher Report Ethan Norof their Assistant NBA editor. Also Cajuns will be in as well as Matt Couch presented by Mooya's Burgers Fries and Shakes and Holt Condren with Surf the Woods who is on a quest to find Noah's Ark. Thanks for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1!

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