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David Koechner "That Guy" from Anchorman in The Zone!

10/21/2009 3:18 PM

See full size imageMy man David Koechner came in The Zone today to talk about his new show on ABC called "Hank".  It stars Kelsey Grammar from Cheers and Frasier fame.  Dude is fun and also says...drumroll...there is an Anchorman sequel coming!

That is exciting and if you don't think need a reminder of how awesome Anchorman was!  HERE YOU GO!  The quality aint perfect, but it is entertaining to be sure.  There was a lot of yelling in this clip and on the show.  Justin had his undies in a bundle over the incompetency of the AL umpires in Tuesday night's game, listen here.  We also talked to Clint Stoerner about the Hogs chances of beating down the Rebels this weekend.  He likes his former team over his former coach.  We also are getting ready to hear tonight from the Hogfather Bobby Petrino tonight on Bobby Petrino Live.  He and the Lone Star Gangster Ryan Mallett will drop the hammer this weekend.  Following that at 8:05-make sure you check in on the Hogwild Show live from Boston's at the Holiday Inn Airport with Clint, Trey Schaap and Chris Bahn of Arkansas Sports  Good stuff.  Check it out.

On Thursday in The Zone-Pat will be live from SEC Basketball Media Day in Birmingham with all of the SEC Coaches!  Should be great!



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