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Dyer speaks, among others

7/10/2013 1:18 PM

 Former Auburn RB Michael Dyer

spent some time with the guys from DTS Wednesday talking about what he's been through and what his plans are going forward.  I think he would do well at Arkansas and frankly don't really care if he contributes or not.  I am more interested in seeing see him continue down his path of doing things the right way off the field.  I am sure Coach Bielema may not want what may end up being negative media attention, but I would love to see Dyer get another shot and be able to root for him as a Hog.  He can help a team.  Certainly Arkansas can do without him, but I think this could be a win-win.  Admittedly, it's a huge longshot.

We also spoke about the Dyer situation and SEC Media Days (part of our First Security Football Media Week coverage) next week with Barrett Sallee of  We also talked about Adrien Grenier...or if you prefer "Vinnie Chase" since today is 

his birthday.  We are all ready for the Entourage movie. So get on with it already!

In our second hour, Sun Belt Commissioner Karl Benson was kind enough to come on and also preview their media days next week in New Orleans.  

We also got into conference realignment, national playoff and Brian Harsin's task ahead at ASU.  Benson and Harsin have a connection as they both graduated from Boise State.  I am looking forward to being there to cover it all and oh by the way, I will also eat around 143 oysters

while I am there.  Man I love New Orleans.  If it weren't for all the LSU fans in the area...

it would be just about perfect.

Tune in tomorrow as we talk in our first hour to Ken Duke who won for the first time on the PGA tour a couple of weeks back to talk about this week's John Deere Classic.  I think the grounds crew uses only green equipmemt to take care of the course, but could be wrong.



We will also talk to Ken about pending trip next week across the pond to play in the British Open and we will also continue our trip down memory lane for the first half of the year with some of our favorite clips including TIGER BAIT vs. IRA.  It will be worth your time so lend us an ear.  

Phil Elson returns as Thursday to talk about the upcoming All Star game and we'll also talk some baseball with Joe Giglio of Bleacher Report.  

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