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7/23/2013 2:21 PM

 The Zone was live today from US Pizza in Conway signing people up for the American Cancer Society Prevention Study 3. The owner of US Pizza Esther McClellan sat down with us to tell us more about how people can sign up and help fight cancer. If you were not able to make it out today you can sign up here at CPS3CONWAY.ORG.

 Brett Bielema was on with Jim Rome yesterday. We play some clips from the interview. To hear the full interview you can find it on Sporting Life Arkansas's website by clicking HERE.

 Matt Williamson the Defensive Coordinator for UCA stopped by to talk with us today. We find out how the team is preparing for their first game at home against The University of the Incarnate Word on August 29.

 Also swinging by to hang out and play some birthday trivia was Jamie Gates from the Conway Chamber of Commerce. He put up a pretty good fight against our reining birthday trivia champ Matty T. and Christina Lecuyer barely even showed to play today.

 SEC Media Days was last week and we had full coverage. One person’s comments we didn’t get to last week was Charlie Weis the current head coach at Kentucky. He referred to the team as a “Pile of crap” which could be argued is not a great way to motivate your players. One thing is for sure, the guy can wear the heck out of a pair of pants!

 From Sporting Life Arkansas our buddy Jim Harris called in. He was on the road to Stuttgart but was able to chat with us when the cell phone reception would allow.

 Coming up Wednesday Justin is back in studio. We will be joined Matt Harris and talk to Barrett Sallee from Bleacher Report. Thanks for listening to The Zone weekdays from 10 to 1!

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