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9/10/2013 2:38 PM

 Today in The Zone we were joined by KATV’s Chris Kane and were all over the board as far as topics go. We talked a bit about the NFL and College Sports but more importantly we talked about the Razorbacks. In today’s Jim’s Razorback Pizza Report we are joined by another Jim. From Sporting Life Arkansas we talk to Jim Harris about all things Hog Football.

 We love Top Ten lists in The Zone. We love them so much that every Tuesday we make sure we give you one at least once a week. That’s where Top Ten Tuesday comes in. Today we go down a list of the top mascots not being used in sports.

  We brought back a classic segment today. Here we have “What the Hell” and we talk about a golfer who fought off a Gator. This leads us into our Zone caller of the day.

 We had some confusion about the difference between crocodiles and alligators but fortunately Dewayne called in to set us straight.

 We are sad to learn today that a Zone listener who is responsible for one of the greatest phone calls into the show ever has passed away. You may remember him as Ira from the infamous “Ira vs Tigerbait” call. Tigerbait called in today showing his true charachter by hurling insults at the late Ira but we like to remember him in happier times by listening to this call from several months ago. 

 Tomorrow is our Wednesday with Wally Hall presented by Deltic Timber. That crazy Canadian Christina Lecuyer will finally return and we will talk to Barrett Sallee from Bleacher Report and much more. We thank you for listening to The Zone with Justin Acri weekdays from 10 to 1!

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