The Zone


10/3/2013 1:37 PM

 Thursday in The Zone we were joined by Singer/Songwriter/Musician/GoodOl’Boy Matt Stell. You may know him for his music like the hit song “Game Day Dress”. If you haven’t heard his music you should check him out HERE.

Matt knows a lot about sports and in this segment we talk some NBA.

 Not only does he know about sports but is also an aficionado when it comes to movies with Orangutans. Just listen to this segment when Every Which Way But Loose get’s brought up and find out for yourself.

 There is plenty of sports to talk about today. In this segment we talk some MLB and NFL.

 In today’s Jim’s Razorback Pizza Report we talk to Edward Aschoff from

 From CARTI we are joined by Rebeka Howe and Jack Lankford. They are on to tell us about the CARTI kids golf classic. For more info or to sign up visit them HERE.

 Friday we will be joined by the Pigskin Preacher and Bill Vickery. We will have our NYPD Picks, the Matt T. minute and The Zone Rewind. We thank you for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1 with Justin Acri! 

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