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10/23/2013 2:45 PM

Wednesday in The Zone we talk to Michael Felder from Bleacher Report. He is their lead college football writer. We get his take on the Grambling University football team’s boycott before moving on to the rest of country.  

The Grambling story was brought up early in the show by our favorite Canadian show hijacker Christina Lecuyer. This started a lengthy debate and promoted callers to speak their mind including frequent caller Da Realist and a passionate listener named Bonnie.

  We never know exactly what topic will spark the interest of the listeners but we found one today. In a successful attempt to get our minds off of The Razorbacks we discuss the best types of French Fries. Justin mentions his favorite are shoe string fries from a place in Branson while Matty T. enjoys the crinkle cut kind. We also discuss what we dip them in and how they are prepared and Christina says she likes white vinegar on hers. She says her dad likes mayonnaise on his which sound odd to us here in the greatest country on Earth but apparently they drown them in that stuff where she’s from.
 In our Jim’s Razorback Pizza report we manage to avoid talking too much football since fortunately it’s a bye week. We do talk Hog baseball and discuss the recently announced schedule and hear from Dave Van Horn who was on with the guys from Overtime.
 Everyone has their own way of preparing for a big event. Every day before the show we like to eat gigantic meals among other things. In this clip from former NBA player Steve Kerr he tells us how teammate Toni Kukoc prepared for games in a similar fashion.
 Game 1 of the World Series is tonight. Justin is rooting for Boston while Matty T. is going for the Cardinals. In this segment we preview tonight’s game.
 Coming up Thursday we will find out how the first game of the series turned out. We wil talk to sports business writer Kristi Dosh and from Edward Aschoff.  As always, we thank you for tuning into The Zone weekdays from 10 to 1 with Justin Acri!

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