The Zone

Wednesday November 5

11/5/2008 2:57 PM

OBAMA! An historic day in the ole USA as we recognize Barack Obama as the president elect.  He said on MNF that he would like to see an eight team BCS playoff and on election day coaches like Pete Carroll and Joe Paterno addressed the issue.  Pete is extremely confused and irritated by the current system as are most of us.  Imagine how great an eight team playoff could be with Alabama, TX Tech, Florida, Penn State and others this year!  Dang man!  Forget the economy and international relations man, get down to the important stuff like college football postseason!  Join Justin, Baz and Bruce James tonight at Bostons for Sportsweek!  It airs on the Buzz from 7:05-8pm tonight.  Better yet, go by and grab a cold one and hang out with the guys!


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