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4/3/2014 2:21 PM

  Thursday in The Zone we had a brand new topic of discussion involving local athletes behaving in an unbecoming manner. These fine young men weren't in possession of 2 grams of the demon weed, they were just merely involved in a bench clearing brawl. I’m referring of course to the story that has made its way all the way to ESPN at this point about the UCA vs. UALR baseball game that turned into fisticuffs It started with a disagreement by the team’s respective coaches

As this situation progressed, as they so often do, it soon involved the players from both teams taking their cues to storm the field and engagein battle. As an alumnus of UALR I have to admit I was rather disappointed to see the animalistic behavior of both teams who were so quick to engage in the fighting. That’s just this one guy’s opinion though and for the most part we seemed to be pretty entertained by it today. Click HERE for the video.

We do our best to keep things fun around here so naturally we did talk some more about fighting in sports. In this segment Justin and Pat discuss some of their personal favorite fights in sporting history.

 We move on from fighting in sports to basketball in this next segment. Joining us on the Stickyz hotline was former Razorback Clint McDaniel.

 The 17th Annual Food and Foam Fest is coming up Friday. In this segment we talk about the event that takes place from 6pm to 9pm at Dickey Stephen Park.

 Also joining us on the Stickyz hotline was Jeff “Money” Taylor. He was on to give us his picks for the track at Oaklawn and help make us some cash.

 We will be back Friday and as always, we thank you for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1 starring Mr. Justin Acri and Sir Pat Bradley!  

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