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6/4/2014 2:41 PM

 It was a wild and wacky Wednesday today as we were joined by Wally Hall thanks to Deltic Timber. We began yesterday’s blog by jokingly acknowledging how sometimes the host may get upset when he believes he is being interrupted. It doesn’t necessarily matter how important the information is the point is that it get’s said. Well, in this segment I have summed up with the title “ten year old boys” we have a prime example of how this can happen. Personally, I blame Pat.

 It was awkward for a few minutes but we did get back to sports talk. That previous bit was completely abandoned for some Belmont Stakes talk.

 From Bleacher Report we also talk to Michael Felder. He’s from Bleacher Report and knows when to talk and when to let other people talk.

 From Sync Weekly “Nasty” Nate Olson was in studio. I won’t go in to the graphic details of how he got that name but let’s just say there was a shortage of Crisco at the grocery store for a weekend. He let’s us know what he has been hard at work putting together for the latest issue of Sync.

 Nate sticks around to talk about another event. He tells us about the Buzz talent show going on tonight at Dugan’s Pub.


Do you like Hot Dogs? Well in this segment we talk about some big juicy ones.

 Coming up Thursday, we will all be back and ready to tear it up again. As always, we thank you for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1 with Justin Acri and Pat “the interrupter” Bradley!

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