The Zone


7/16/2014 1:52 PM

We have had some technical issues we are working on after the station got hit with lightning Monday evening. That’s why we were unable to post any audio yesterday and also on air the sound has been lower quality until we can get everything fixed.

That being said, the audio that gets recorded behind the scenes turned out well today so I am happy to finally bring everyone a blog today. Wally Hall joins us on Wednesdays thanks to Deltic Timber and he was live from Hoover today for the SEC Media Days and joining him in this segment was Bleacher Report’s Barrett Sallee.

 In studio with us after a several month hiatus was my (Matty T.) favorite Blonde Female Canadian Golfer. That’s right, Christina Lecuyer was back in studio today. She has the hook up with all the big names in golf so in this segment we talk to a fella that goes by the name Ian Baker Finch.

 We also talk some to Cary Maddox. He calls un from the Maumelle County Club to chat it up with us.

 We will be back tomorrow and we thank you for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1 with Justin Acri and Matt Travis! (well, Pat Bradley too when he isn’t on vacation) 

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