The Zone


8/14/2014 2:47 PM

We had quite the day in The Zone Thursday. It’s not often we have major Hollywood stars on the show but today was special. This man is still cashing residual checks from his memorable role in a certain 1996 movie. That’s right! None other than Actor/Athlete “Big” Joe Kleine called in to talk about his experience co-starring in the classic comedy “Eddie” alongside Whoppi Goldberg. Who could forget?! He shares at length his experience and also if that’s not enough he also shares a quick story about meeting Robin Williams.

  Another special guest today was DTS’s Rick Schaffer. He was on to tell us about his new book.

 In studio were the folks from Salute the Troops. They tell us all about their charity event and how to participate.

 Pat has a fun list for us today too. It’s the top paid coaches in college football.

 We will be back Friday to wrap up this crazy week. As always, thank you for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1!

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