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Tiger aint perfect. Who knew?

12/3/2009 7:07 AM

Thanks to Bale Chevrolet for having us out on Wednesday to promote a GREAT DEAL...the Red Tag year end sale (which actually ends January 4th) and includes 0% on 72 month deals for 2009's!  Get you some.  Big gameball to Krazy Mike as well for serving up a boatload of food!

We talked Hog Hoops as we watched the snow fall, but spent a lot of time on Tiger Woods as well. 

During the show he came out with a public apology after it came out that he had reportedly been hooking up with some cocktail waitress for 31 MONTHS!!!  The jokes have already started and there is also an online game already for people to play.  It is a pathetic turn of events for the world's number one player.  There are reports coming out now on Thursday morning that there may be a THIRD chick he was seeing and that there may be confirmation of an affair with the first woman connected with Woods, Rachel Uchitel, coming out today.  Stay tuned on all that.  We are all starved for celebrity inside information, but in most cases the more we know about people (to include the most famous athlete on the planet) the less we like them.  Ask my wife, she has learned the hard way with me as well that I am a loser in my own way.  A point brought up today that is really saddening is in regards to Tiger's wife Elin.  She not only has to deal with the realization that her husband has had multiple bimbos (bimbi???) on the side, but now she has to watch every major media outlet provide the blow-by-blow and you know as well as I do that this will continue for months.   




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