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Monday Gameballs and Jockstraps

2/8/2010 12:50 PM

Gameballs all over for the Saints!  Great SuperBowl win 31-17 over the Colts.  Drew Brees MVP and Coach Sean Payton with his gutsy calls get the biggest Gameballs of the day.  Jockstrap to the halftime show....I thought "The Who" might still be able to bring it but the lip synced performance was a little off.  The worst part was the hand sync by the guitarist.  How do you feel about Peyton Manning leaving the field without shaking hands??  Jockstrap??

Doritos get the Gameball for their commercials and Jockstrap to all the other commercials who thought it was funny to put middle aged men in their underwear ads.  Terrible...

Giant Gameball to the Razorback bball team for their OT win against Auburn.  Courtney Fortson was named SEC player of the week and has been on a tear since returning to the team.

Evereyone be careful out there today with all the snow!!!  have fun making your snowmen...

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