The Zone


2/16/2010 7:53 AM

Yes...she did.  After the Super Bowl win, the soon-to-be-retired-way-too-late talk show host went after the Saint Stain.  Come about a little show prep?

I used to actually like Oprah when she was in touch with reality and occasionally didn't act life a buffoon during a celeb interview.  Those days are gone my friends.  Yesterday she had on some dude who was molested by his mother for years.  OK.  Maury, Geraldo and Ricki Lake called.  They want their producers back.  PUHLEASE.  Oprah, do yourself and your legacy a favor and HANG IT UP NOW!  You have lost whatever it is you once had.  I guess a billion bucks will do that to ya.  Not hatin.  Just sayin.


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