The Zone

Racing Festival Starts TODAY!!!

4/2/2010 7:41 AM

We wrap up an entire WEEK on the road today at Oaklawn and what a fun and wild ride it has been.  Thanks to our buddy Jimmy the Drapes and Ron Sherman big and small for hanging with us earlier this week at Royal Windows and Siding.  Yesterday we spent a beautiful afternoon at Doublebees in Conway and clowned some people on the court.  The only person to outshoot The Zone was...Adam Hambrick that guitar playing stud from the area.  Nice work.  He beat Acri out of $30 in Doublebees Bucks.  Thanks to Terry, Casey and the whole crew for coming by and to our friends at Coke for all the cool prizes.


Today tune in for Jeff "Money" Taylor's picks and lots of fun from the track.  If you head to Oaklawn watch out.  The boss decided to make this a Buzz company trip so there will be a larger than average group of jackals running around, swigging coldies, knocking back corned beef sammys and making ridiculous bets on the ponies.  Come see us by the paddock area and say hello!


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