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Living Billboard.....We're Kickin' Cancer

4/7/2010 12:52 PM

Come on by Rodney Parham in the Kmart parking lot to donate to American Cancer Society.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to donate.

We also got in a heated discussion of whether Butler coach Brad Stevens should leave and take the vacant Oregon bball job.  Lotsa money on the table.

Congrats to the UConn women for winning another National Championship.  That's Geno Auriemma's 7th title for those scoring at home.  Do you think he gets enough credit?

Come out tomorrow and donate and we'll feed you


David (10/25/2011 10:39 AM)

Two words that define our defensive problems. "Willy Robinson"! We will never win the big game with him as our defensive cordinator. We give up too many points. You can't be a decent DC and not know Huston Nuts offensive scheme. Further more, I feel like Bobby is making the adjustments at half not Willy. Get rid of Willy and his Captain Kangaroo mustache and find us some one who can coach. FREE WILLY!!

Mike (11/8/2011 4:52 PM)

I just have two points. The first is it's too early to concern ourselves with the BCS standings. We need to get by TN first. Secondly if PA has laws like AR every person that I've heard discussed are mandated reporters. They are required by law to report any crimes or abuse against children. If tis is the case they are all guilty and have no excuse

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