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Miss Arkansas Sarah Slocum, NBA Playoffs and a Blonde Fight!!!

5/5/2010 12:46 PM

Lots of thanks to Miss Arkansas Sarah Slocum for coming in studio and hanging with the boys from The Zone.  She won her first Bday Trivia contest with a late game BINGO BANGO.  It was a battle for the ages against the sizzling Suzan from Sticky Fingerz.

I promised to post this advertisement from Boston claiming Philly women have moustaches.  The Bruins are playing the Flyers in the NHL playoffs.  Got this from



Myfoxphilly - An alert blogger in Boston spots a Bruins advertising campaign that says Philadelphia women are ugly. A billboard from the Bruins marketing department posted outside the Boston Garden warns local hockey fans about dating Flyers fans.
“Never date a Flyers fan,” the ad says. “Even if she shaves her moustache.”

The news comes as Philly sports fans battle an image perception problem after a Philadelphia cop tasered a teen on the ball field at Citizens Bank Park .

Come out and hang with Justin for Cinco De Drinko at Sticky Fingerz tonight!!!!   Don't miss out.....Justin's buying drinks all night!!!

Oh's the links to Elizabeth Hasselback bashing Erin Andrews and then her crying apology.  Here they are:


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