The Zone

Flippin the script

6/3/2010 6:29 PM

If you listen with any regularity (and we hope you do cuz our boss gets excited) you know we normally open on sports and talk a lot of entertainment toward the end of our show.  Today though we had some awesome filmmakers in off the top to talk about the Little Rock Film Festival which is underway and has 100+ movies to check out over a few days.  It has grown into something very special and you need to support it.

We also found out early in the show that Rue McClanahan died.  Talented actress who played the slutty Golden Girl.  I guess you could say she set the table for Samantha on Sex and the City.  

Anyway we ended on a  high note as well.  Lauren was in from Sync Weekly and we spoke to

former Hog Ronnie Brewer about the NBA finals, his off-season workouts and the free agent market. 

The best part though was when we brought up the topic of his teammate who has an impossibly large head.

 I freaking love this guy.

Tune in tomorrow for a recap of game one of the NBA finals, a preview of the Hogs 1st round game of the NCAA Baseball Tourney and more on Bud Selig's decision not to award a perfect game as The Zone comes to you live from Whit Davis Lumber Plus in Jacksonville!!

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