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6/10/2010 12:43 PM

Expansion, expansion, expansion.  Where have we heard this before?  Hmmm....let's take something very successful and profitable like, let's football!  Supposedly the 2nd most popular sport in the country and try to move things around and shake things up to make it more competitive?  More fair?  Bad idea.  Notre dame Associate AD Jill Bodensteiner called into The Zone and gave Notre Dame's stance on the issue.  She said Notre Dame doesn't need a conference affiliation and it's not about money but their tradition.  By the way, they already make plenty of cash on their own.

Jill Bodensteiner

WHERE ARE THEY NOW came back with a vengeance when former Razorback football AND basketball player Joe Dean Davenport joined us in The Zone.  After playing for the Indianapolis Colts he settled in down in northwest Arkansas on his farm.  Legendary moment in The Zone.

And if you didn't have enough expansion talk then straight shootin' and big livin' UALR AD Chris Peterson called into The Zone to breakdown what he knows best.....everything.  His expansion thoughts are unique with his background at Nebraska and other college football programs and how all this may affect UALR in the future.

Chris Peterson

Thanks to Ron Ron from for breaking down Celts-Lakers game 4 tonight 8 pm that can be heard on right here on The Buzz.  Check out his site for college football expansion thoughts, also.  He's a trusted friend of The Zone so all you other FOZ's out there show him some love.

Wait...what?!?  The Chicago Blackhawks beat beat the Philadelphia Flyers in OT last night to win the Stanley Cup but apparently the guy working the light behind the net didn't want to acknowledge Chicago actually scored the Cup winning goal.

Possibly the greatest Website of The Week of all times today!  Pat really went above and beyond to bring this one to the people with class and style.  Talent like this doesn't come across this world too enjoy FOZ's.  And enjoy the website

Come out to the Travs game tonight for the Diamond Dig!!!!  Attention ladies over 18, after the game you'll be able to dig up the field while looking for a diamond in preparation for that special day.  We know you already have the wedding dress and function hall booked so it's time to dig for that diamond!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow The Zone will be live from PBCC for the Monte Coleman Golf Tourney.  Keith Jackson, LC Greenwood and several other former NFL players will be with us in The Zone.  Plu FREAKY CLIP OF THE WEEK!!!


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