The Zone


6/11/2010 12:48 PM

We spent the day at the luxurious Pine Bluff CC with a few of the rolling hills and blue skies and the smell of Chef Jamie's flavorful masterpieces.

UAPB AD Skip Perkins stopped in The Zone to shed some light on the rise of UAPB.  Skip's put together a staff that's shown many championships are on the horizon for the Golden Lions.  He's also a lot of fun and is willing to tolerate a couple of morons from The Buzz crashing the party.  We also got to meet Coach Mazza the head women's soccer coach at UAPB.  He and Coach Coleman had a run-in on the raquetball court (literally) and guess who won?  The guy with the three Super Bowl rings or the little Italian from Canada? 

Yep. Behind that smile is one tough son of a gun.  Listen to Coach Coleman and his explanation of how it all went down as well as thoughts on his staff and team here.

Among the stars in town for the tourney was another Super Bowl Champ-Keith Jackson! 

We talked expansion with the big man!

While old number 88 was kicking it in the Zone,

we got a call from our buddy Steve Gorman who is the drummer for the Black Crowes and also has a great sports rundown and podcast called stevegormansports.comHe is a rainman-like sports fan and HUGE proponent of soccer and the world cup.  We talked about the OTHER football with him for a bit.

Monday we are live out and about at the Access Cup, a fundraiser for a fantastic educational facility.  Tune in for a recap of the weekend in sports and entertainment!




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