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6/16/2010 1:09 PM

What a day what a the midst of a Game 6 Celtics collapse and now a hairy Game 7 Celts v Lakers, we have this painful BP oil leak to deal with.  Big Perkins gets injured....oil squirts out by the gallons into the ocean.  Ray Allen misses a 3....oil squirts out by the gallons.  Kobe travels....oil squirts out by the gallons.  Fisher flops...oil squirts out by the gallons.  When will it stop!!!  Thanks to all the callers, emailers and LFFers fro the suggestions.

Lakers came out and took care of business from the jump last night.  PLayed great defense, showed more aggressiveness and altogether played like a team trying to crawl away from a series anding loss.  Not bad, Lakers, but keep crawling because it all comes to an end tomorrow night.  Face the facts, LA.  All you care about is fast cars, fast women, surfing on the beach and seaweed wrapped sushi.  All Boston cares about is championships.  So when you fade away in the 4th quarter of game 7 don't worry because all your tans won't.

Thanks to Dave Rodman of for coming into the Zone and breaking down the races for us.  Check him out online...good stuff.

Big Coach Joe Kleine called into the Zone, played some bday trivia, picked the Celtics in Game 7 and continued his all around Zone awesomeness.

Enjoy this clip of a really really tough soccer player getting up after a devastating hit...thanks to

Tomorrow is Website of The Week and Lauren from Sync!

Oh yeah and here's one bullfighter who finally wised up.  RUN HOMBRE RUN!!!

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