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6/21/2010 12:45 PM

Gameballs and Jockstraps were mostly pointed at the US Open and more specifically a Jockstrap to Dustin Johnson who shriveled like a dry prune in the Arkansas summer heat.  The man just didn't have it.  Did he cave in to the pressure or simply play a bad round?  Do all bad rounds on the final day have to be becasue the golfer caved in to the pressure?  Jus sayin....

But Gameball to Grame McDowell for Ireland for winning the US Open!  He survived and sometimes that's all it takes to win.  Just be the last man standing.

The big man Manute Bol passed away over the weekend.  His legend will live on.


 Congrats to former SAU pitcher and newly minted Chicago Cub reportedly received more then a million dollar signing bonus!  After today he'll never be the same.  You can break records, you can get drafted but once someone puts a dollar sign next to your ALL changes.

Thanks to Chris from The Rib Crib!!!

Tomorrow will begin our Athlete's Songs Summer Bracket.  Who's the best?  Who's the worst?  Shaq?  Deion Sanders?  Carl Lewis?  Or will our own John daly take the crown??  Tune in and vote all day in The Zone starting tomorrow!

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