The Zone

Royally good show

7/7/2010 4:35 PM

Thanks to Ron Sherman and Jim Draper for some fun today at Royal Windows and Siding.  What a great time.  Royal Windows does a GREAT job installing quality windows made by the company.  I have some in my home. 

Jim's buddy Scott Lehman from came on to talk about a cool and unique ministry that he started in Nashville and he credits with saving his marriage!

We also talked NBA trades and moves as Chris Bosh landed in Miami th D Wade. 

Good combo, yes, but not necessarily a championship team seems to be the consensus. 

In the final hour we couldn't help but ask Black Crowes drummer and host of Stevegormansports, Steve Gorman to come on and toot his own horn about the World Cup predictions.  He even called Spain over Germany today! 

Dude is amazing.  Check out his comments on soccer and what the band is up to here.

Tomorrow in the Zone we will be back at full strength with the return of the Shootah!  We will also have former Razorback star Fred Talley on the show to talk about where he is now and his work with young people. 



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