The Zone


7/8/2010 12:59 PM

The Zone was back in the saddle again 3 deep and in full force.  All systems a go with the three henchman.  You know what they say, there's no place like home.  Well we're all glad to be back in Little Rock because home is where the heart is....and our jobs, houses, wives, kids and the sorts.

I'm back from Boston and excellence has come back with me.  Congrats to Smitty and the breathtaking bride Erica.  Classiest wedding ever.  No arrests, deaths or anyone in the hospital.  Just a few lost shoes, dresses and tuxedos but plenty of memories.

Of course we started off today's show with Lebron, Lebron and more Lebron.  I thought Cleveland had the edge, then possibly New York but now it looks like Miami might have the lead.  The Heat signed Dwayne Wade back and the newly minted Chris Bosh.  The speculation has long been that Wade, Bosh and Lebron would end up at the same place.  It may seem too much is being made of NBA free agency but this is the biggest free agency pool with the most talent of any sport ever in professional sports history.  It will all go down tonight at 8 pm on ESPN.  Lebron Decision 2010.

If the World Cup itself doesn't move you at all....don't worry you're not alone.  But here's a couple of Spanish announcers who couldn't control themselves.  There's professionalism is outstanding.

Where Are You Now Fred Talley?  The former Razorback running back was in The Zone today via telephone.  He got us caught up on his life in northwest Arkansas.  He's going to be at a coaching at Central Ark. Youth Football Camp this Friday and Saturday.  For info visit

The beautiful and talented Lauren from Sync Weekly came in and gave us a rundown of the weekend.

Photo of Lauren Clark

Tomorrow we have Arkansas Dan Faires from HGTV's Design Star coming into studio.  He's the brother of FOZ Ben Fairse of D1 and UCA footabll fame.


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