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7/9/2010 4:32 PM

Busy day in The Zone today.  We had it all from beautiful models to an NFL player to a reality tv star to a couple of shrimp...and that was just Justin and Freakie Joe.

Our good buddy Tim jackson from stopped by to talk about some of his projects.  He's also sponsoring the Shagadelic Skate party at the Skatium this Saturday night!  Thanks to Tim and show your support and visit his website.

Krazy Krazy Mike brought us some goooooood eats.  Shrimp, ribs, wings, catfish.....Kraziest of all you can get it anytime so go check him out.

Yes, we are all witnesses to what was one of the most bizarre ordeals in my recent sports memory.  "Decision 2010" last night on ESPN gave me a strange feeling inside.  On a night that should have been a celebration of basketball and a good thing for a young star and the NBA it was instead a funeral for the city of Cleveland.


I have no problem with Lebron leaving the Cavs and signing with the Heat.  It's America!  But, c'mon, he held us hostage and crapped on Cleveland by doing it this way.  He knew there was gonna be plenty of backlash when he didn't re-sign with the Cavs so why do you make them crowd around non HD tv in some dive bar in Cleveland just so they can hear you're not coming back!  All of those people are going home to one bedroom roach infested apartments.  He did not kill them softly....he ripped out their hearts on primetime tv.  What should he have done you ask??  Sit down with the Cavs organization face to face inform them of your decision, thank them for all the butt kissing of the last 7 years and move on.  Then hold a press conference at 1 pm EST in Miami with Pat Riley, Head Coach Erik Spoelstra, owner Mickey Arizin, and the rest of the Heat roster....well of course throw in some dance team girls, too.  Rip off that bandaid Lebron!!!

Maybe, just maybe......this is how it should have went down.

On the lighter side of things check out this 12 yr old phenom from Heber Springs.  Kid's an absolute beast.  Ahhhhh, the days...

Big thanks to Dan Faires from HGTV Design Star.  The Springdale native stoppped in The Zone.  The show airs Sunday night's at 9 pm on HGTV.  Go to the fan page to vote for him!



Mark (7/12/2010 11:09 AM)

Like the Shaq comparison, LeBron is going to see all this drama disappear once he has a championship. Depending on how many 'ships he wins and how dominant he continues to be, he will solidify his legacy as one of the all-time greats. People can talk all they want about how he handled this - and I'm sure if he had the chance to do it over again he would change things - but he doesn't owe anyone anything and he shouldn't be chastised for doing what he felt would help him win championships. Who cares if he wants to win for his team or himself? Does it even matter?!

Ronnie Gill (7/13/2010 10:47 AM)

Difference between lebron james and the of the great nba players such as MJ Kobe Magic and bird is those players had key pieces built around them. None gave up on their team to be built around other players. Thats why i think lebron should never be spoken in the same breath as the other greats....its all about legacy when your career is said and done.

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