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7/12/2010 3:05 PM

We all had a old school back bash Saturday night at the Arkansas Skatium!

Freaky at his best


And of course I'm the only one gliding around looking like the man.

Indeed what a night is was last Friday at Dickey-Stephens park.  Just before the Travs game there was an epic clash of two crazy characters.  Local bully Gary Hogan Sr took on national scoundrel Jose Conseco in what some have been calling "a greater dancing duo than Fred Astaire and Gregory Hines"!  Remarkably, Hogan managed to split his own lip during the 1st round waltz.  The faux and very drunk judges actually scored the fight 39-37 for the 60 yr old 180 lb. Hogan.  In case your wondering, Conseco goes about 6 foot 4 and around 265.  Don't believe me???  Click away FOZ's

Congrats to Spain for their nailbiting 1 nil or 1 to nil or 1 - nil victory over the Netherlands!!!!  Or is it Holland or the Dutch?  Anyway, the goal was scored in additional time and boy was it a bouncing bender.  Most of the soccer heads said it was a boring match.  I thought it was awesome.  Every game needs more of this guy trying to keep the World Cup trophy warm by putting a stocking hat on it!  Thatta way bro, that's how to take a throat punch. 

The day started out with another argument over Lebron James.  As I stated Friday I have no problem with Lebron leaving the Cavs, it's how it all went down.  The way I see it, there's beginning to be a pattern here of over the top self promotion.  I understand that's happening throughout sports but that's what was supposed to be different about Lebron.  Team first, hometown guy, it's not about the money, winning championships.  Newsflash!  He just like the rest of them.  He realizes the more you win, then the more you're on tv and then the more you can sell yourself for endorsements and a million other ways to make money.  Lebron clearly has the physical talent and communication skills to be a crossover athlete.  We've seen them before, but "The King" was supposed to be different.  Jordan's a bully, Tiger's a cheating robot, Kobe's a baby.  Well, what's Lebron?  I know he's not perfect.  There are people burning his jersey and there are plenty sportswriters who don't think he is either.  Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports has an interesting perspective.  Or how about ESPN columnist Gene Wojciechowski, notice how he remebers Jordan's return to basketball.  With a fax that read "I'm Back".  MJ could have gotten a 2 hour roundtable discussion with NBC, ABC and CBS.  Here's one more in case you want it.

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