The Zone


1/12/2009 2:38 PM

What a great weekend in sports.  Hogs lost though the SEC opener to MSU.  It's like Harry King, the great Arkansas scribe says, the team that shoots better usually wins.  MSU made a lot of tough shots.  Arkansas missed a lot of open shots.  Result=loss.  UALR picked up a great road win at New Orleans and the trojans are in control in the Sun Belt West!  Great NFL games over the weekend.  Carolina's Jake Delhomme has had nightmares I am sure but that they never APPROACHED what he went through Sunday with not three, not four, but five INT's and six total turnovers.  Yikes.  You have to feel for the guy.  Great NFC finale with Philly and Arizona in the desert.  Could we be headed to an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl.  If the Eagles win on the road and Joe's Steelers can hold serve against the offense-less is on! 


Join Pat TONIGHT at Boston's at the Holiday Inn Airport along with Ernie Murray and Trey Schaap for the second installment of Sportsweek.  Also-mark your calendar.  We will be there for Super Bowl Sunday with a special broadcast and a game-watch party.  Get your thoughts together this week for the caller and emailer of the year as well as newcomer of the year.  Discussions begin manana.  That is tomorrow by the way.

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