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10/8/2010 1:45 PM

Cake and candles out of the gate to two Zone faves..



from the Rev Room and former UCA golfer and Golf Channel star

Christina Lecuyer!  Had a great time at the Rev last night but I am beat...and Pat clearly is tired as well after kicking off our coverage in Dallas for the SW Classic.   We all think Arkansas will KILL the Ags this weekend but for some reason Joe likes S. Carolina over Bama.  I will praise him mightily if he is right.  I don't see it.


Lee Sterling of Paramount Sports says take Florida, Auburn, Bama, and Arkansas.  In the NFL-Titans and the points.  Go Hogs,,,but if you aren't going come to Conway and watch the Bears clown NW State in the SLC opener.  We will back at full strength and in the studio on Monday-tune in for a recap of a busy sports weekend!

Here's the sound from yesterday's interviews.  Dan Fost, of the SF Chronicle came on to talk about the Giants.

Dan Fost

And Texas A&M sideline reporter Tom Turbiville gave us all his excuses of why they might have a chance.

Tom Turbiville(Texas A&M Sideline Reporter)

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