The Zone


10/18/2010 1:19 PM

The Pigskin came thru the studio again as usual spitting all of his nonsense.  I'm not sure if he needs less coffee or more deep breaths, but I'm afraid he's gonna have a heartattack one of these days in The Zone.  He's passionate about his college football.

Our main man Lee Sterling droppped his picks on us and it went a little like this: Dallas over Minnesota 30-27, Nebraska over Texas 27-21, bama over Ole Miss 34-10, Florida over Miss St 28-17 and Arkansas over Auburn 35-34.  Go Hogs


Thanks to my man Chris from the Rib Crib for bringing in lunch.  The Bold player of the week is Dontail Henson from Malvern.  4 rushing Td's for 153 yds and i passing TD as Malvern choked out Pulaski Oak Grove 37-20.

My workout partner beth Hunt and the workout guru Ben Faires from D1 stopped by to have some lunch with us.  They were mad that I ate all the Rib Crib and didn't save them any.

And check out the Freaky Clip of The Week!!!


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