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11/1/2010 1:01 PM

We all survived another Halloween and it's quickly becoming my favorite Halloween.  Cajun's was again a smash hit with everyone involved.  I went as Roger Rabbit, Baz went as the rocker Edge and Roger Scott went as Cornelius from Planet of The Apes.  Click here for the entire gallery of pics from Cajun's.

Lady Gaga and Roger Rabbit

Congrats to Henderson State for the victory over arch rival and friendly neighbor Ouchita Baptist on Saturday.  As promised Coach Maxfield called into The Zone to brag a little bit and rub it in Justin's face.  We at The Zone are trying to put together our own version of college gameday for next year's Battle of The Ravine live from Arkadelphia.  Right in the middle of the street.

Pro golfer, reality show star and Cajun's Halloween costume judge Christina Lecuyer called in today to let everyone know about the golf lessons she's giviing at the driving range at the North Shore Business park in Maumelle.

Thanks again to Clint Stoerner for breakiing down the past weekend of college football.  As much as he can't stand the idea of Boise St in the national championship game, he's warming up to the possibility of TCU being there.

How sweet are those Army unis!!!  Here's the article

I'll see everyone out at Grumpy's for MNF tonight starting at 7.  Well, I'll see you if you go there....25 cent wings and $9 domestic buckets

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