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12/30/2010 1:20 PM

Yes.....I'm back.  3 days later but nonetheless, I made it.  Of course, I was delayed more than 2 hours but met a few nice people in the airport.  So it's all worth.  I was snowed in.  I did my part shoveling out the family, though.

Some people thought I was up to something else.

Either way, I'm back in the radio saddle and out again tomorrow.  Me and my mentor, David Dazzel are heading to The Big Easy bright and early in the morning for New Year's.  Justin is in withthe Pigskin all day tomorrow!  I'm sure they'll touch on SEC basketball supremacy over Big Ten bball.
We also talked today about bringing back old school phrases like psyche, rad, face and a few others I'm glad I forgot.
Hog bball rolled last night against NC A&T.  Marshawn Powell is suspended indefinitely for who knows what.  Obviously a very very selfish move.  Why test your coach??  He's proven he will suspend anyone at anytime.  He even suspended Rotnei Clarke!!!  By the way, welcome to the 1,000 point club RC.
Thanks to Suzon from Rev Room and Stickyz for bringing some food to us!  Much appreciated.  Great job by our new Sync connection Spencer.  Glad to have him on board.
Here's my 3 Pointers from last night's Hog bball game:
1.  Balanced minutes throughout team.  I know it was a creampuff team but I like seeing everyone getting a piece of the pie.
2.  Assist/TO ratio 22-14
3.  Bench scoring - Britt finds stroke - others contributing.  Not knowing how long Powell's out it's time for someone to emerge from the shadows of Bud Walton.
Finally, if anyone ever reads this please.....and I truly mean please comment.  Is anyone alive out there???

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