The Zone


1/5/2011 9:39 AM

It was a 10 on a scale of 10 for the week, but more like a 7 on a scale of 10 for the game.  The final INT will haunt our memories of Sugarplums that could have been dancing in our heads.  Here's a shot from our seats:


New Orleans is such an amazing place and we hope to be back soon.  Hog fans, players and coaches have a LOT to be proud of, but unfortunately just came up short in this one.   You could sit and nitpick the game to death (and we have and will continue to on the air), but thank you's all around to Coach Petrino and his guys for what they have done for the program and the state.  An amazing week for all involved.  Thanks to the Hotel New Orleans, House of Blues, Margaritaville and to Pat O'Briens for letting us broadcast live there all week.  Justin and a Buckeye fan had some fun back and forth before the game.  Unfortunately the final wisecrack came from the Buckeyes in a Sugar Bowl victory 31-26.  Go Hogs!  Hoops season is here.  Ruh Roh.

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