The Zone


1/17/2011 1:07 PM

Today in The Zone we celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Dr. King dedicated his life to bring awareness the struggles of all less fortunate.

Thanks to Coach Nolan Richardson for calling us in The Zone to talk about what today means to him and how his WNBA Tulsa basketball team is doing.  Coach was in Little Rock over the weekend getting an up close look at UALR's Chastity Reed.  He also talked about how Dr. King paved the roads for the future.

Annette Fisher also dropped by the studio to talk everything from Martin Luther King to her son, Derek, former UALR Trojan, LA Laker, LA Sportsman of the Year, NBA World Champion and Presidant of the NBA Player's Association.

Congrats to Miss Arkansas Alyse eady for her runner-up finish over the weekend in Miss America.  Alyse's performance as a singing and yodeling ventriloquist can be seen here!

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