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1/20/2011 1:01 PM

Steve Gorman from The Black Crowes came back into The Zone to talk sports.  He has a blog at  The guy's bright.  You can also listen to his podcasts on there as well.

Steve Gorman

Julie Alexandria from Mtv's The Seven called in to talk the new tv show "Skins".  I hate, but it's not for me.  Another high school show.  I'm all about Jersey Shore on MTV.  We gave Julie a chance to brag on her NY Jets victory over the Patriots and she rubbed it in.  We alsotalked about all the backlash Ricky Gervais has gotten over his jokes at the Golden Globes.  We're all in agreement he was fantastic and edgy.  You know it's a success when people are still talking about it days later.

Julie Alexandria

The Denver Broncos' Laurence Maroney in an unfortunate photo.

Laurence Maroney Mug Shot

The Hogs bball KEY 3 against South Carolina:

1. Offensive Intelligence

2. Limit turnovers and 2nd chance opportunites

3. Patience

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