The Zone


2/7/2011 1:44 PM

Before i delve into the haps of Super Bowl XLV i want to thank Arkansas State Head Football Coach Hugh Freeze for taking some time to enter into The Zone today.  He just finished his first recruiting season at ASU as a head coach, he's pumped about what's he's got.  You might remember Coach Freeze was featured in the movie The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock.  He coached the Ravens' Michael Oher in high school.

Another great Super Bowl.....congratulations justin.  You finally won something.

And I don't feel bad for Freaky Joe and his Steelers.  Great season, great comeback after your QB acted dumb and even great try in the big game, but c'mon......this should help end any discussion of Tom Brady vs Big Ben.  Not even close.

Although, I need to give a huge Gameball to Aaron Rodgers....MVP MVP MVP.  Brett Favre never won a Super Bowl MVP...ahhhh he only won 3 consecutive league MVP's.  Tommy Boy just got his second.

Like Father like Son except for the texts.

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