The Zone


2/9/2011 10:24 AM

Because of the whole Christina Aguilera Super Bowl National Anthem screw up, today's show is devoted to those that also suck.  Here's a few:

Carl Lewis.  This was bad, I mean epic bad.  In fact, it was so bad it was AWESOME!

Roseanne Barr.  She's gross, but we all know that and shouldn't be surprised she did what she did.  I bet she smells bad, too.

R. Kelly.  I was there.  It was at the Jermain Taylor v Hopkins fight in Vegas.  When he started singing I started crying.  Don't mess with the anthem bro.  The worst part is the fools that were slow dancing in the middle of the ring.

Chattanooga police officer.  Could be the first song to actually cause bodily harm to the listener.  He should have been arrested for this rendition, stripped of his badge and have his voicebox ripped out.  He probably thinks he did a good job, too.

Christina Aguilera.  So here's the video of her singing on Sunday night.  As you can see, it's not nearly as bad as the others but I figured you would want to see it anyway.  Since when did it become cool to look like Cindy Lauper!!!  Her hair was gross, that's my only problem.

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