The Zone


3/10/2011 9:19 AM

What a week for UALR!  The men AND women claimed SBC Tournament titles and are going dancing!  We had a great time in Hot Springs with the teams and administrators and got a chance to see the wins by Coach Foley and Coach Shields' teams up close and personal. 

Tuesday we had former SEC and ACC Coach of the year Dave Odom stop by and while he was on...Steve Shields dropped in to preview the title tilt.

Odom worked for Westwood One broadcasting some of the SBC games with Cowboys play-by-play man Brad Sham who could not have been more gracious while hanging out with us on the show.

Following the win, on Wednesday's Show, we heard from Coach Shields (who was celebrating a birthday), Coach Joe Kleine and Chris Peterson, the UALR AD who got a PERFECT birthday gift from his two favorite basketball coaches.

We will find out Sunday who the men play and where and will have to wait for Monday to see where Joe Foley and his fantastic team will play.

Stay tuned for a Zone FU on that and also more from Pat at the SEC Tourney in Atlanta where the Hogs try to get out of the first round against Tennessee. 



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